Women’s Soul Journey Circle

Women’s Soul Journey is bringing together maiden, mother and crone to:
  • *Support, connect and inspire each other
  • *Expand, grow, evolve and enhance your life
  • *Have a deeper influence and make a bigger impact on yourself and  other women
  • *Connect with other like minded souls in a sacred and safe space to help bring deep, lasting and rapid transformation 
For thousands of years, women have sat in circles. Not only to support each other, but to share knowledge that can be passed down to the next generation. Any woman with an open heart and mind is invited to sit in circle with us. But come prepared to do the work, expand your knowledge and honor the goddess that you are. Each month there will be a different topic relating to us as women. Through guided discussions, you will experience new insights and tools to help you align with your highest self.

It’s a safe place to take off your mask and explore the deepest parts of yourself with women who see you, fiercely support you and accept you as you are. Our circle meets virtually via Zoom the second Tuesday of each month from 5:00-7:00pm PST. Your first circle is free. After that they are $22.

More specific information and to register for each monthly circle click here: Live Balanced Naturally on Facebook.

    *What is a Full Circle Model? A few years ago, Shannon Rae created Queen’s Tribe in Las Vegas, NV as a circle for women to connect and evolve – which quickly grew in membership. Using her 20 years of experience holding circles, not only for women, but also in corporate settings, Shannon wanted to share this knowledge with others so that more people could benefit from the personal growth that comes from sitting in a circle. Now she has trained over 70 Full Circle Model facilitators throughout the world. And each circle is different. There are circles for spirituality, co-ed, addictions, home school moms, leadership and more. Some are offered live and others online. So whenever you see “A Full Circle Model” after a circle or Queen’s Tribe, you can be assured that it will be a safe and sacred space for you to grow, share and expand your knowledge.
"I have been coming to Patti’s circles for over a year now. I always love the topics she chooses, exercises that are useful and tools for every day practice, as they are very healing and transformative. Patti creates a safe space for you to open up, receive and also release. You get to laugh, cry, you are seen and understood. She is a very wise gentle soul and I highly recommend her circles to anyone who seeks connection, support, love and inner shift. So grateful for you Patti 💚"
S. Esposito
"Patti love, I thoroughly enjoyed our circle. You are good, girl, the way you ask certain questions that help trigger the memory and associated experience. You’re a gentle yet structured guide. I think I love you more now for your service. You, yourself are a true light, and I am grateful for us connecting in this lifetime."
S. Parker