Property Clearing

Just as we have an energetic statement

properties also have energetic statements



Ever walk in a house and something just feels off?

Or if you are a realtor, have a property that just won’t sell?

That is an indication that there is an unbalance of the property’s energy. It’s Soul.

Maybe it’s because of the location or negativity from previous occupants but there is a cause for this stagnant energy.

And an Energetic Property Clearing can help to restore balance to your home, apartment, office (if you are paying the rent), and even a hotel room!


The clearing is done remotely and is much like a Soul Realignment® session.

I energetically locate the property (anywhere in the world) and find any negative influences that are attached to the property.

Next, I will clear the non-beneficial energy on the property and bring it back to neutrality.

You will receive an email outlining what was found and cleared. And also some suggestions you can do to help keep the property clear: smudging, essential oils, crystals, and maybe a couple feng shui tips.

By restoring balance to your property, it helps to keep you and your property balanced vibrationally.


An Energetic Property Clearing also makes a great Housewarming Gift!

An Energetic Property Clearing is $66


To get started click: I’M READY and indicate that you would like an Energetic Property Clearing. Within 24-48 hours I will send you an email with more information.



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