Chakra Analysis

Chakras are whirling energy centers throughout our body. We have hundreds but there are 7 main ones.

When they are in balance, the energy flows freely through them and we are healthy physically and emotionally.

But when they are unbalanced, the energy gets blocked and we start to have health issues.

Chakra imbalances are usually caused by lifestyle imbalances. Some we can control and others are more difficult. The choices we make, our environment, food, chemicals in products, work, day-to-day life all contribute to an imbalanced life.

However, to have a healthy and balanced human experience, we need to keep our Chakras clear so the energy will flow through our body.

A Chakra Analysis is like an overhaul. Lifestyle changes are suggested based on imbalances found in your Chakras. If you implement them, you bring your body into balance, so you feel better and enjoy your life more.

A Chakra Balancing (which is included in the Chakra Analysis) is like a tune-up. The energy will flow thru your Chakras for a time, but without making changes in your lifestyle, they will become blocked again.

In a Chakra Analysis I will energetically look at:

  • Each of the 7 Chakras to find if it’s under or over active – physically, emotionally and mentally
  • The percentage of the under or over activity – physically, emotionally and mentally
  • How the imbalances may be contributing to any specific issues in your life
  • How to resolve these imbalances

I will also do a Chakra Balancing to help bring you in to balance at this time. Think of it as a kick start.

Then we will meet online to discuss your Chakra Analysis during a 60-minute call (which is recorded for you to keep) and together over the next 6 weeks, we will work on ways to make changes in your lifestyle to help keep your Chakras in balance.

Not only lifestyle changes will be suggested but also suggestions about which essential oils, crystals and sound vibration protocols may help to keep your chakras in balance. All of these three modalities are vibrational energy, just like we are, so their vibrations are an additional way to help keep our bodies balanced. 

There will be weekly mentoring calls to see how you are doing and make any adjustments. And I will be available at certain hours throughout the week to answer any immediate questions.

As our life circumstances are ever-changing, it is recommended that a Chakra Analysis be done every 6 months and Chakra Balancing more frequently. As you learn to listen to your body, you will begin to feel when you need these done.

The 6 week initial Chakra Analysis session is $444.

Follow-ups are $333 which include the analysis and a 60-90 minute call to discuss it.

A stand-alone Chakra Balancing is $25 and can be done online or in person if you are in Las Vegas.

Know someone who could benefit from one of these sessions?

Gift Certificates are also available!

Get started by clicking: I’M READY and indicate you would like a Chakra AnalysisI’ll email you within 24-48 hours with the rest of information.

“The chakras are very intelligent they are like the software of the whole computer body.”

Dharma Mittra