Pepper Spread

We’re starting to get a lot of peppers from our garden and I don’t want them to spoil. One can only eat so many a day! This is a super easy recipe you can use with any type of peppers.

Spread it on sandwiches, burgers, sprinkle in salads, blend with eggs, mix with hummus and other dips, spread on crackers…you get the idea.

I used the entire bowl that is in the picture – probably about 1pound.

Jalapenos, Cayenne, Serrano, Thai Chili, Caribbean Hot and another type I do not know the name of. My husband sometimes forgets to leave the name tags with the plants – but he’s getting better at that!

Use whatever kind of peppers you like. Be careful of the hot types – unless you take a bite of one before blending, you will not know the level of hotness. Habanero and Ghost Peppers are pure fire! I prefer peppers hot but with taste.

If you want to wear gloves to protect your hands from burning, do so.

Remember do not rub your eyes or any other part of your body!

You can put milk, yogurt or mild dish soap on your hands if they burn or tingle.

If you leave the seeds in, they will be hotter.

Pepper Spread
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Pepper Spread
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  1. Pulse in food processor until it looks like relish.
  2. Store in air tight glass container – no plastics they are toxic. Keeps about 3 weeks in fridge.
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Last Modified on September 15, 2017
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