Are You Minding Your Food (Prep) Manners?


This isn’t a blog about which fork to use or remembering to keep your elbows off the table, type of manners.

It’s a blog about minding your manners toward your food as you prepare it. Probably something you might not have thought about, or even do, too often – if at all.

Sure, most of us were taught to say a prayer over our food before eating, after it’s been prepared.

But what about the preparation of that food?

What vibes are going in to making that deliciously, nutritious meal?

All food was alive at some time, be it animals or plants, with exception of the new “Frankenfoods”. (And why would anyone want to put those in your body is way beyond me and not even included for consideration in this blog or my life!)

And since it was alive, it has a vibrational frequency.

This vibrational frequency is a measurement of the electrical energy that is present in all natural, living things. And is directly related to our individual vital energy.

Depending on the vibrational energy of the food we put in our bodies, it can help or hinder our health.

But the way it is prepared also affects the vibration of the food and the way it is absorbed in our body.

That’s where having good food prep manners comes in.

Think about this:

You drive up to a fast food restaurant. It’s not nutritious food to begin with but then it is prepared by someone who most likely does not really care or like their job, they slap your food together, throw it in a container and push the bag out through the window. Talk about lowering the vibration of already low vibrational food!

Now, you might not be able to teach these workers good food prep manners, but you could send some love to the food and workers before you get there. And you can do this any time you are not preparing your own food. Remember, that food is going in your body!

OK, but hopefully you are eating most meals at home and you are preparing them, for the most part, from scratch.

Eating good quality, organic fresh foods and preparing them with good manners is the best way to keep your body working optimally.

Remember, the plants and animals gave up their life to help you be healthy. Be respectful of that.

Here are a few tips to help create good food prep manners:

  1. Approach cooking with a positive, up mindset. Don’t think of it as a chore but as a gift to yourself and others. Cooking isn’t just working on food, it’s working on yourself.
  2. Think positive thoughts, focus on something that makes you feel good.
  3. Play your favorite music and dance as you do your food prep.
  4. Keep the TV and computer off so you can focus on the food. This also will help keep your stress levels lower. 
  5. Make sure your pans do not leek chemicals into your foods. Non-stick, green pans, aluminum all have chemicals that go into your food. Try ceramic or cast iron pans. I love my Xtrema ceramic pans ( and Lodge cast iron, made in the USA and can be found in many stores. Or check out cooking in a Rompertopf clay cooker (  (I am not an affiliate for any of these companies.)
  6. Avoid the microwave at all costs!! It not only sucks all the nutrients and life out of the food but radiates it.
  7. Then when your meal is ready, put your food on a non throw away plate and sit down at a table to eat. Even if you are alone, you should do this. Put flowers or candles on the table. Keep the TV and computers off. And remember to give thanks again!

By following some mindful food prep manners, you may find that you:

Appreciate the food more

Your digestion may improve

You will be absorbing more nutrients

And you may even loose some weight!

Plus food prepared with love is nutrition for your mind, body and soul.

I’d love to hear your comments. Especially if you try any of these suggestions.

With Love and Light,




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4 thoughts on “Are You Minding Your Food (Prep) Manners?

  1. Jen Monks

    I’ll have to start playing my favorite music and slowing down more to enjoy meal preparation. I usually feel rushed with two hungry kids waiting on me. Good tips!

    • Patti Stevens

      If your kids are old enough, you might want to have them help with the meal prep. Might be a good time to bond with each other’s music too!!

  2. #4 is a problem for me. I Like to follow cooking videos on youtube.

    • Patti Stevens

      I totally understand. It’s hard for a lot of people. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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