How To Make Boneless Bone Broth – Whaat???

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As a vegan, I was feeling kind of left out of this whole Bone Broth craze.

In case you haven’t heard about it, Bone Broth can help to strengthen the immune system, maintain strong bones, reduce inflammation, relieve joint pain, keep your thyroid healthy, strengthen your kidneys and liver and make you look younger!

I really wanted in on this healthy, anti-aging broth but it’s made with animal BONES – something vegetarians and vegans don’t do. I had to find a solution.

Note to carnivore readers: Please keep reading because this info is not just for vegetarians!

When I first starting hearing about Bone Broth, I thought it was some new soup with special ingredients since it had all these amazing health and anti-aging benefits. But after learning the ingredients, it really is nothing more than the broth from vegetable soup!  Something that was is staple in our home and I’m sure many of your homes as well.

I find it really amazing that so many of the foods I ate growing up are now trendy. I seriously doubt that when my grandmother made vegetable soup she was thinking about how it would plump up her skin and reduce wrinkles. She knew it was healthy for you and that was enough. But now we are able to find out exactly how healthy these ingredients really are and what they do for our bodies.Red Pot with vegetables

The bones used in Bone Broth contain two very important amino acids, proline and glycine. These amino acids nourish the bones, tendons, joints, mucus membranes and the skin. Glycine also helps your liver to get toxins out of your body and re-energizes your cells.

The broth also contains a high amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and many minerals, which are easily absorbed by the body. They include calcium, potassium, magnesium, glucosamine, phosphorus, and chondroitin sulfates, including hyaluronic acid.

The minerals are released from the bones by letting the bones sit in apple cider vinegar and water for about an hour before starting to make the broth.

The bones also produce a rich gelatin which boosts collagen production – one of the main reasons Bone Broth is so trendy. The more collagen you produce the firmer your skin and the less chance of wrinkles.

Collagen also helps to keep your bones strong, can help reduce inflammation and support healthy hair, skin, nails and joints.

Leaping into the Sunset


Now we’re talking some serious anti-aging properties! But it’s from animal bones!

But seaweed also promotes collagen production, among many other health benefits. So now when you are eating sushi, you are also getting rid of wrinkles!

Seaweed is a source of essential minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, selenium, zinc, iodine and iron. It is full of fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients. And contains omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins A, B, C, E, and K.

It also helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body, is anti-inflammatory so may help with osteoporosis and arthritis, has properties which aid in enriched blood circulation and boosts your immune system.

And they say that you can’t get enough nourishment from plants! Wakame Salad

There are many different types of seaweed but probably the best seaweed for collagen boosting properties is Wakame.

And Dulse is another seaweed which has many of the same healing properties as animal bones.

Both of these seaweeds are high in the B vitamins, including B12, which are so important for vegetarians and vegans.

However, you need to be careful where your seaweed is sourced. Organic is best and although seaweeds are a staple in Japan, I would avoid seaweed produced there due to the radiation from Fukushima.

So check out the recipe or video below for some deliciously, healthy anti-aging in a cup.

I like to keep a mug on the counter and sip on it throughout the day. Or have a cup mid-afternoon or in the evening to fill up when the munchies hit.

Get into the habit of drinking this soup daily, or even a few times a week, to help you boost your health (and look good)!

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Boneless Bone Broth
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Making this broth is really easy. As always, organic ingredients are best.
Boneless Bone Broth
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Making this broth is really easy. As always, organic ingredients are best.
  1. I like to freeze all the scraps from veggies and then just add them to the pot. If you don’t want to do this, and I do this also, you can use fresh vegetables – carrots, celery, onion, peppers, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage – whatever works for you.
  2. You might want to saute the fresh veggies in a little olive oil for just a couple of minutes to help release the flavor. If you are using *Garlic and *Tumeric add them to this as well. Then add the veggies to a stockpot and fill with water. *1 Garlic clove minced *½ chunk fresh Tumeric or ¼ teaspoon powdered Tumeric And sometimes I even add egg shells to the pot
  3. Add a dash of Himalayan Salt and freshly ground black Pepper If you like a little spice add a dash of Cayenne pepper
  4. And don’t forget your seaweed: Wakame, Dulse, Kombu or Arame You only need one type of seaweed per pot of soup
  5. Bring to a near boil, lower heat and let simmer about 45 minutes. If using a crockpot heat on Hi for about 2 hours, then reduce heat to Low setting for about 4-6 hours
  6. Turn off heat and while the soup is still warm add a handful of Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, or Collards. If using a crockpot, add at about the last hour.
  7. At this time, you can even add about ¼ cup organic light Miso Paste to get the added benefits of a fermented food. Fermented foods are probiotic, help improve digestion, boost the immune system and improve energy.
Recipe Notes

Strain off the vegetables and you have your Boneless Bone Broth to drink or use in cooking.
You can also serve it as good old fashioned vegetable soup and leave the veggies in it.

Traditional bone broth needs to simmer at least 12 hours or more, so see how much time you save!!

And they say that being a vegetarian is hard work!!!

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