Keep Your Moxie On

A 6 month program to support and mentor YOU at a crossroad in your life

  • Have you made some big decisions and started a new lifestyle plan?
  • Or maybe you are still not sure how to do this and could use some help?
  • Either way you are feeling that you would be so much more successful if you had someone who understood what you are going through. Some support to help you keep up your confidence (aka Moxie).

Making your decision to change is not easy. Congratulations on Step 1!

But those doubts start creeping in:

  • How do I know it will work?
  • Is this right for me?
  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • How the heck do I even start?

Not only might you have doubts, but those around you — family, friends and co-workers are not very supportive. They all blame it on a mid-life crisis and figure you’ll get over it.

That’s exactly what happened to me when I got divorced, sold pretty much everything I owned including my business and moved across the country knowing no one person and not having a job. Boy, I sure could have used some support but it just didn’t happen. Yes, some blamed it on a mid-life crisis and others thought I met someone online and was moving to be with him. But I made it on my own and it was not always easy.

So that’s why I have developed the KEEP YOUR MOXIE ON program –  to HELP SUPPORT YOU as you make these life changes.

Girlfriends are great but if they haven’t been where you are, pretty much all the support you’ll get is another glass of wine.

The KEEP YOUR MOXIE ON program is about:

  • Getting clarity on the next chapter of your life and how you are going to live it
  • Working together to develop and implement a plan that works for the unique woman that you are
  • Bringing your life into balance
  • Becoming confident in yourself – who you are and what you believe
  • Having the support as you go through the process

I recently had to make some diet changes for health reasons and have found it so much easier to have the support of someone as I do this. It gives me the encouragement to keep on going and wanting to succeed.

KEEP YOUR MOXIE ON  program starts with a 90 minute RECONNECT TO YOU session where we will go deep into your soul to help you rediscover yourself.

Then each month of the program you will have:

  • One 60 minute call to discuss your concerns, work on your plan and do some energy balancing.
  • Two 45 minute follow-up calls
  • Email support
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Hand picked resources to help support your new lifestyle
  • A Reiki infused essential oil and crystal selected and sent to you to support you
  • My personal commitment to your support and success

We’ll meet virtually via Skype, Zoom or phone. If you are in Las Vegas and prefer to meet in person, we can discuss this during your Complimentary Lifestyle Clarity Session. So are you ready to start making those changes?  And do it with support?

Let’s schedule your Complimentary Lifestyle Clarity Session and once we know we’re a match, we’ll get you KEEP YOUR MOXIE ON!


Uniquely You
A Half-Day Session to help bring YOUR Body, Mind and Spirit into balance

Have you tried the same exercise classes, diets and stress relieving techniques that your friends do but they just don’t work for you? You end up not exercising because you don’t like it. But your friend is happily going to class daily.

You cheat on the diet because you are starved.
How come no one else is hungry?
And sitting still for five minutes makes you crazy.

But the reason they don’t work for you is that we are all UNIQUE:
Our bodies are not made the same
We don’t all have the same beliefs
Dress the same
Like the same food

What it comes to is that you need to bring YOUR LIFE into balance in a way that works for YOU.

Bringing your life into balance involves 3 areas:

In this half day (4 hours) session, we work together to find a way to balance your life in a way that is sustainable for you – JUST YOU!

First we’ll look at:

  • Your current lifestyle
  • Any limiting beliefs
  • What has worked and what hasn’t

Then we’ll:

  • Find a physical activity and the right foods to help keep YOUR BODY healthy
  • Relieve stress by learning how to calm YOUR MIND
  • Help you learn to listen to YOUR SPIRIT

By the end of the session you will also:

  • Learn techniques to bring the 3 areas into balance
  • Have tips to help you stay focused
  • Set intentions for each area
  • Have a power mantra to help keep your Body, Mind and Spirit balanced

And as a Bonus:

  • An extra 45 minute Bonus Session 2 weeks after your Uniquely You session to check in, fine tune and celebrate your success. 
  • Email support for those 2 weeks
  • And my special hand picked gift sent to you of a Reiki infused essential oil and crystal to help support you on your journey.

We’ll meet online or if you are in Las Vegas and prefer to meet in person, we can discuss this during your Complimentary Lifestyle Clarity Session.

Ready to take the first step to bring your Unique Life Into Balance? Sign up for your Complimentary Lifestyle Clarity SessionOnce we know we’re a match, you’ll be on your way!