Why It’s Important to Exfoliate Your Body

Most of us are familiar with exfoliating our face for glowing skin. But are you aware of the importance of exfoliating your body? How it can keep you healthy? Look younger?

Exfoliating removes the old dead skin cells and speeds up cell renewal allowing new healthy skin cells to grow.

However, as we age this cell renewal slows down and can cause the skin to look dull, rough, dry, wrinkled. Plus the build up of dead skin cells may cause excess oil, clogged pores and acne.

When you exfoliate, it not only uncovers the fresh cells below but allows for moisturizing products to be more effective because they are able to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Here’s some tips on the “how to”…

  • The best time to exfoliate your body is in the morning because our skin repairs itself during the night. And by exfoliating in the morning, it gets rid of the dead skin cells.
  • Begin with DRY BRUSHING BEFORE getting in the shower. This can be done daily, where exfoliation should only be done once or twice a week.

Dry Brushing is done with a natural bristle body brush (if you have sensitive or thin skin, you might want to use exfoliating gloves instead.) Avoid dry brushing if you are sunburned or have any wounds or open cuts.

Do not use this brush on your face. There are special brushes designed for facial exfoliating.

Using long, firm strokes, start at your feet and work up your body (avoiding sensitive areas).

Brush toward your heart, which is the best for your lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Stimulating your lymphatic system aids in detoxification.

And keeping your circulation at its’ optimum performance may help with reducing cellulite.

Plus it’s invigorating and stress relieving.

Depending on your time, a dry brushing session can be as short as two minutes or as long as 30 minutes.      

  • Once in the shower, put on your EXFOLIATING GLOVES and wet them. Beginning at the feet, massage the skin in a circular motion moving up the body. By starting this way, it helps to encourage positive blood circulation.
  • Make sure to use a product with granules that can’t tear the skin – like OATMEAL, SEA SALT OR SUGAR. It’s the grainy texture which exfoliates the skin. You might want to avoid the face and use a milder scrub for that area.

DIY Exfoliating Body Scrub:

1 cup organic Cane Sugar

½ cup melted organic Coconut Oil

25-30 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil – you can use any essential oil but I like Grapefruit because helps with cellulite, slimming and toning, stress relief and is a Lymphatic decongestant.

Put all ingredients in a bowl, mix with a spoon and then store in an air tight container.

(If you would like information on the essential oils I recommend, contact me here.


DIY Exfoliating Face Scrub:

Mix 1/4-1/2 teaspoon organic Rice Flour and a few drops of water in a small bowl

Adjust the amount of water to your liking: less water makes it more grainy.

Using a circular motion, gently massage your face

Rinse with cold water

If you want a more grainy scrub, you can use organic Almond Meal instead of Rice Flour. 

  • Rinse off with lukewarm – not hot – water. Follow with the coldest water you can stand. And remember to wash your gloves after every use and let air dry.
  • Pat off to dry and while the skin is slightly damp, apply an organic moisturizer. Remember, what goes ON your skin goes IN your body. So you ALWAYS want to use the purest, organic products.


DIY Shea Butter Moisturizer:

¾ cup organic Shea Butter – Shea Butter has the ability to soothe, hydrate and balance the skin

4 Tablespoons of organic Coconut Oil (doesn’t need to be melted)

10-20 drops of your favorite Essential Oil.

You want to avoid any citrus oils as they are photosensitive and could cause a reaction when going in the sun.*

Some essential oils I like for this are:

Peppermint (invigorating), Lavender (calming), or Ylang Ylang (Hormonal balance and helps to relive tension).

*It’s ok to use citrus oils in the shower because they will be rinsed off but since the moisturizer will be staying on your skin, you might want to play it safe and not use them for this.    

Place Shea Butter and Coconut Oil in a bowl.

Use a hand blender to whip the ingredients to desired consistency. Might take a few minutes to get it soft and fluffy.

Then add the Essential Oil(s) and mix in using a spoon.

Put in storage containers.


So by taking a few extra minutes each morning to exfoliate your body, you can help your lymphatic system to work more effectively, improve your circulation, feel invigorated, improve your overall health and have great looking skin!!


Why not give it a try??


In Peace and Good Health,


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  1. Great post. I have always been interested in dry brushing. Didn’t know exactly how to start. And I didn’t know that morning was the best time to exfoliate.

  2. Wow! I had no idea about the best way to do this. I need to rethink my shower routine. Sharing this in a roundup post to publish on 9-23-17.

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