How to Use Crystals for Happy Plants

You’ve probably heard about talking to your plants or playing music to keep them happy, but have you ever thought about using crystals to help keep plants happy?

Crystals are a gift from nature. And each type of crystal has their own unique energies – just as plants and people do.

Plus they come from the earth so their energies are perfectly suited to plants.                            

Many of us use the energies of crystals by wearing crystal jewelry, carrying crystals with us, placing them around our home, office, car to help keep us healthy, happy, less stressed, protected. And these are issues plants are faced with also.

So why not help them out by giving them an added boost? They’ll show their appreciation by their beautiful foliage and flowers and producing deliciously nutritious food for us to enjoy. This is our oregano plant which survived the winter and is flourishing now.

And the best thing is that you can’t use them incorrectly!

Crystals can be purchased in stores and online. I just found some awesome ones at Home Goods. You can also get small tumble stones which are perfect for plants.

But since some crystals will fade or crack in direct sun, it’s best to place the crystals around plants so they are shaded or you can bury them.

In fact, burying them is even better because they help to enhance nutrient absorption – almost like a fertilizer. Plus they have the ability to strengthen a plant’s roots.

Here are a few crystal suggestions to help you get started:  

Clear Quartz

If you are not sure what type of crystal to use, you can’t go wrong with clear quartz. It’s a master stone that carries universal energies.  It also promotes vitality and helps to boost not only the energy of the plant but other stones as well. If you are starting cuttings in water, place clear quartz in the vase to help promote root growth.

Green Stones (Moss Agate, Malachite, Green Calcite, Peridot, Aventurine)

Makes sense that green stones would work well in a garden! They promote grounding and a connection to nature. As well as encouraging growth and abundance in a supportive environment.


This stone will energize your plants. It also helps to change negative energies into positive energies. Plus it is a stone for abundance!


Helps keep plants from stress. It works well near apples, strawberries, celery and tulips. And may also be used in ponds or aquariums as it is beneficial to water plants and fish. Moonstone

As the name implies this stone carries the energies of the moon. It promotes rest and restorative health.


We grow a variety of peppers and this stone helps to fuel the fiery and spicy flavors in the plants.

By using the power of the energies of the crystals, it helps to bring a sense of calm, harmony and happiness, not only in the plants but around your home also. Who doesn’t want that?

And as I mentioned earlier, you can’t use crystals wrong. If you are guided to use a particular crystal, then do so.

It’s all about intention.

In fact, when placing your crystals set an intention and it will enhance its’ energies.

I’d love to hear if you have used crystals to keep your plants happy or if you are going to give it a try now!

In Peace and Good Health,


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