How to Keep Up Your Self-Care During the Holidays

Ever wonder why so many people get sick during and right after the holidays? No, it’s not usually from eating too many goodies! It’s because they don’t keep up their self -care during the holidays.

There’s always so much to do and not enough time that something important like self-care gets pushed down on the list.

We can always do it later.

But unfortunately, our body doesn’t understand “later”. When it is being neglected, it will let you know. And not in a very pleasant way!

Now the idea of self-care, anytime, is hard for many people.We, especially women, are conditioned to take care of everyone else before ourselves.

And the holidays are a perfect example:

  • Gift shopping
  • Holiday meal planning and shopping
  • House cleaning and decorating
  • Parties
  • House guests
  • Stressful family gatherings
  • And the list goes on…

We have enough stress in our lives normally and adding extra work can really play havoc on our health.

So here are a few tips, that hopefully you will try, so you will be healthy to kick of the new year!

1.  If you have a daily self-care routine, stick to it – non-negotiable!

When your body is used to a routine (including exercise), it responds well to it – or you probably wouldn’t be doing it!
And your body doesn’t know you are pressed for time.
So if you continue to be good to yourself…yourself will thank you.

2.  If you don’t have a daily self-care routine,don’t start one now. 

I know this sounds contradictory to what you probably think, but starting something new at a stressful time will not work. In fact, it will probably frustrate you.

Wait until things settle down and then start one. (I’d love to help you get started with one.     

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3.  Delegate some chores. 

We tend to think that we are the only one who can do something. Or if you want it right, do it yourself.
But you might be surprised at how well someone else can help with the meals, decorating or cleaning.
In fact, it might be a boost to their self-confidence!

 4. Make time every day for quiet time for yourself.

Think of this as the time to re-charge your battery.
Sit quietly, listen to music, read, take a bubble bath or whatever you need to do to re-charge.
And let your family know that these few minutes are YOURS and not to be interrupted.
Once they see how this relaxes you (and hopefully makes you more pleasant to be around!), they will have no problem leaving you alone for a few minutes!

5.  Change your mindset about making sure everything is perfect.

We can drive ourselves crazy trying to get every last detail perfect.
And does everyone really notice or appreciate it?
Some of the best times are when things don’t go according to plan.

6.  Be careful not to overindulge.

Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to eat or drink all of it.
There are lots of foods and drinks which we only seem to have at holidays but moderation is the key.
Eating all those special cookies or having that extra cocktail, will only make you regret it.
Your body is not used to it and will let you know – one way or another.

7.  Be grateful.

Being grateful is a great stress buster.
When we remember all we have in our life to be grateful for, a kind of inner peace and happiness take over.

And actually, these are ALL things we should be doing all year but tend to let slip during this month.

Wishing all of you a safe and happy holiday!

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In Peace and Good Health,


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4 thoughts on “How to Keep Up Your Self-Care During the Holidays

  1. Self care had started to go out the window even before the holiday season for me. I have had to force myself back into the exercise routine I have to keep up to prevent my back from being angry at me. You have some good suggestions here. All your body knows is that it is under stress and that you, its owner, is either keeping on top of it or not helping. And speaking of caregivers for those who are young (children or grandchildren), sick or elderly (or more than one of the above!) they especially need to take good care of themselves.

    • Glad you are back in your routine. It’s so easy to get out of one but as you know, our body will let us know! Keep up the good work!

  2. I tend to go in too many different directions. You are right, taking care of yourself is the best way to stay well.

    • I think we all tend to go in many directions – especially at the holidays! But we need to make the time for self-care always.

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