How to Cool Down a Hot or Heat Flash Immediately

Suddenly you feel that prickly heat spreading through your body, the sweat starts to drip down your face, your hair is damp. But wait! It’s winter! But then this same thing happens when it’s summer! And then it not only affects women going through menopause, but almost everyone.

Guess there really isn’t much difference between a hot flash or a heat flash.

It’s still that same heat shooting through your body making you feel like a wet towel.

I can remember one time when I was giving a presentation and felt that heat rush coming on and then broke out into a sweat and I knew that it wasn’t nerves. Only thing is that I had just moved to the desert, so I really wasn’t sure which it was. Only that it was embarrassing.

But here’s a simple and natural solution anyone can use to cool down a hot or heat flash immediately. (Unfortunately, I didn’t have mine readily available that time – lesson learned!)

It’s two common ESSENTIAL OILS!!

So why are essential oils so effective?

Because they get into your system right away – especially if you spray them on.

And they are a natural ingredient with so side-effects.

Check out my short video for all the information on the oils and how to use them to tame those hot or heat flashes.

And then let me know if you try this and your results.

If you’d like to learn more about essential oils, please feel free to contact me ( I’d be glad to set up a time to help you get started on using these amazing natural remedies for your health.

In Peace and Good Health,


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Want an easy recipe that will have your guests talking??

Sometimes you just need a change from a regular salad and this is perfect!

You can use a grill or I use a Himalayan Salt block. Here’s a link to a blog I wrote about cooking on a salt block:

Romaine Lettuce on the Grill or Salt Block
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Romaine Lettuce on the Grill or Salt Block
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  1. Pre-heat the grill to hi or pre-heat the salt block
  2. Make sure the Romaine is thoroughly dry.
  3. Place the cut Romaine flat side down on a dish, brush on the Olive Oil, sprinkle salt (if using) and pepper.
  4. Flip the Romaine and repeat on the other side.
  5. Place the Romaine flat side down on the grill or salt block.
  6. Once it starts to char (about 2-3 minutes) flip over and cook until lightly charred.
  7. Repeat again on each side.
  8. Once both sides are charred, remove from grill or salt block, and sprinkle on the cheese.
  9. Serve immediately.
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2 thoughts on “How to Cool Down a Hot or Heat Flash Immediately

  1. Thanks Patti, great info and can’t wait to try it out. Just got into essential oils and really enjoying learning more 🙂

    • Patti Stevens

      Thanks! And once you start using essential oils, you’ll be hooked when you learn how much they can do. I have some videos about essential oils on my You Tube channel: Patti Stevens. Let me know if I can help you.

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