How I Survived an Unbelievable Test of Stress

How’s this for a stressful month? A home burglary, my mom’s passing and a kitchen remodeling project! Talk about an unbelievable test of stress!!

Welcome to my world last month!

We were finally going to start our kitchen remodeling project that we had talked about for so long. In fact, we were at the cabinet store when our home was burglarized.

When we returned home and saw drawers and cabinets open and heard noise in the back of the house, we grabbed our two dogs (who thankfully were unhurt) and left.

While sitting in our car waiting for the police, we were all quite shaken but I knew we all needed some stress relief therapy. I started with stress relief for our dogs. I can’t even image how scared they must have been in a perfectly quiet house when the burglars broke in through the glass French doors.

Of course. I always have an emergency kit of essential oils in my purse, so I put a drop of Lavender essential oil (one of the benefits of Lavender is its’ calming effects) on each of them and did some Reiki energy healing on them. (Here’s some info on what Reiki is:

Within minutes they settled down and fell asleep.

Then I did the same for my husband and myself – only we didn’t fall asleep but it did help to calm us down somewhat.

We actually put a drop of the Lavender on the palms of out hands and then inhaled it. When you directly inhale an essential oil, within seconds the healing properties (in this case calming) kick in because our sense of smell is directly related to our brain.

Although we said many words of thanks that we were all unharmed, as the time dragged on and we were still sitting in our car waiting for the police, we both became quite agitated. Not only at the slow response but also wondering what was going on inside our home.

So out came the Roman Chamomile essential oil which is great for calming the nervous system and reducing stress and anger. And of course, more Reiki.

Needless to say, once we were allowed back in our home, there was no rest that night. But after I saged our home to help clear the negative energies, I started diffusing the Peace essential oil from doTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy kit. Little did I realize how much I would be using the oils from this kit all month! In the days following as we were writing lists of stolen items, my husband and I both went through a full range of emotions.

Although what was stolen was “stuff”, for me each piece of jewelry (and they got it ALL – including what was in safes) had a memory attached to it. As I was writing out my list for the police and insurance, I used the Forgive blend on my wrists. Better to forgive than stay angry.

We were still in the midst of dealing with the burglary when I received a call that my mom had slipped into a coma. A day later another call that she had transitioned. This was not a shock as she had not been well for over a year, but still it’s your mom.

The next few days our home was filled with the scent of the Console blend which I diffused. And I still am using it to help when emotions surface.

One of my favorite scents is Jasmine essential oil which I have used as a perfume for years. But now I am using it even more because it helps to calm your mind as well as the nervous system.

After a few days my husband started working on the kitchen remodeling project again. (I think he may have found the Motivate essential oil blend!)   Now for some people this might be a good excuse to go out and eat but we prefer to eat at home because it is so much healthier. And I have to say that my husband is trying to make it as easy as possible to get to what we need for meals, but it’s not always possible in a project like this.

So I have been diffusing lots of citrus essential oils for their uplifting qualities as well as the Cheer blend.

I realize this may not be the way a lot of people would handle these stresses. Drugs and alcohol might help dull the pain for a time but they are much too damaging for your body.

But essential oils are a gift from nature to us. They give the body what it needs to heal with no side effects.

Essential oils plus keeping up with my daily practices of meditation, EFT tapping (Emotion Freedom Technique), journaling and energy and crystal healing may sound “woo-woo” but they work. I have been able to function and stay healthy throughout all this.

These might seem like a lot to do but believe me the few minutes it takes, it is so well worth it!

If you would like to learn more about the many uses of essential oils or more about Reiki and maybe learning how to do it, I would love to have a chat with you. Just click here to get started:

And if you have any suggestions for dealing with stress, please feel free to comment below. There are never too many ways!

In Peace and Good Health,


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