Get Started with Essential Oils

I have used essential oils for years, for my family and myself, but found not all products were created the same. That’s why, after doing much research, I have found a company that produces a therapeutic grade essential oil which helps bring my body into balance – physically and emotionally.

dōTERRA stands behind the purity of their products 100% to be free of synthetics, fillers, toxins and chemicals. I know that they are safe and effective. I wouldn’t use them on my family, including my dogs, or recommend them to clients if they weren’t.

Also, there is a complete line of wellness supplements, cleaning products, skin care – including a plant based line, toothpaste,  powdered shakes and greens and snack bars. Some products are even vegan!

So why wouldn’t you want to get everything you need to stay healthy in one place from a trusted company?

There are three ways to get started adding essential oils into your life…


You want a more natural approach to healthcare and products for you and your family. So you sign up for a dōTERRA wholesale account and start using them daily.



You love the products and can’t wait to tell others about how great they are! By sharing them you can earn back free points and products and then end up getting your products for free!


You are ready to build a business! Because the oils work, they pretty much sell themselves. But there is lots of free training, along with my guidance and support, to help you starting earning and growing your business.

canstockphoto21278617No matter how you choose to use the oils in your life, I will be working with you every step of the way. The important part is to GET STARTED using them to help keep you healthy in an unhealthy world!

 Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY INTRO TO ESSENTIAL OILS session so you can get started right away.