How to Use Essential Oils


Our sense of smell is the only one of the senses that is directly related to our brain.

For example, maybe when you smell apple pie baking you are transported back to your grandma’s kitchen. That’s how essential oils can trigger an emotional response.

canstockphoto11949204When essential oils are diffused they can help with the body’s immune system and also promote a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Inhale or diffuse some Wild Orange and Peppermint oils.

Can’t sleep? Diffuse Lavender oil.

Congested? Diffuse Eucalyptus oil.


Essential Oils are absorbed into your body through your skin in 30 seconds.

They can be applied topically in two ways:


  • Mix the essential oil with a carrier oil. Some examples of carrier oils are: fractionated Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Almond oil, Olive oil
  • Anyone, especially infants, children and anyone with sensitive skin, should always dilute the oils before applying.


  • Neat means to put the oil directly on your skin – unless it is a “hot” oil. Oregano and Cinnamon are examples of “hot” oils and should always be diluted. However, it is recommended to always do a patch test to see how your body responds.

After determining if you will be using them diluted or neat you can apply them:

  • Directly on the area of concern

When I sprained my wrist, I layered Frankincense (for inflammation), Lemongrass (tissue regeneration), Marjoram (muscle regeneration), a Soothing Blend (for pain), Lavender (for bruising) and Peppermint (to drive the oils in) and healed just fine.

One of our dogs will sometimes cough after playing outside, so I put a drop of Peppermint on her throat and she’s good to go.

There is an awesome Anti-Aging Blend to help with wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, scars and much more.

Note: Citrus oils are photosensitive, so as a precaution, you should not apply them to exposed areas of the skin within 24-48 hours before sun exposure.

  • On Reflex Points

Sinus issues? Apply Lavender (which is an anti-histamine) to the tips of your fingers and/or toes.

Sciatic pain? Apply Peppermint to the center of your heels.

  • On the bottom of your feetcanstockphoto3191273

The feet are one of the fastest areas of the body to absorb oils because of the large pores. This is also a good way to apply the oils especially if you don’t care for the scent of a particular oil or don’t want people to smell them. I apply a drop of a Protective Blend daily to the bottom of my feet to help strengthen my immune system. And a Grounding Blend to help balance my body and mind.


Before ingesting any essential oil, make sure it is stated on the bottle that it is safe to ingest. A good indicator would be if the bottle has supplement facts listed.

Daily I put a drop of Frankincense under my tongue to help with any internal inflammation.

A drop of Peppermint is a natural breath freshener.

Add Lemon, Lime or Grapefruit oil to your water or smoothie for added flavor.

Basil, Cilantro, Rosemary, Oregano, Cinnamon, Ginger can be used in cooking.



It’s so important to eliminate as many toxins as we can from our daily living. The chemicals in household and personal care products are killing us. We breathe them in when cleaning, we apply them to our body, we ingest them in processed foods and they are absorbed into our immune and nervous system creating illness and disease.

Making your own products is easy and saves you money! White vinegar and Lemon essential oil will clean anything. Add some Myrrh oil (for chapped or dry skin) to Shea butter for a body moisturizer.


Clean your face at night with a carrier oil and a few drops of Geranium oil (good for skin hydration and balance – especially for mature skin).

Ready to get started on a more holistic and natural approach in all areas of your life?