Corporate Spiritual Care Program™

As a team member of The Corporate Spiritual Care Program™, Patti is their Mind/Body Mentor offering Reiki, Trauma Recovery Yoga and meditation sessions and essential oils and self-care workshops to participants in the program.

People spend more hours at work than any other place in their lifetime.

But just because they go to work doesn’t mean they’ve left their worries at home. Their fears, concerns, depression and other anxieties crowd out focused work time.

However, employees aren’t the only ones who suffer during crisis. Every year more employers report stores of inadequate workplace support programs which is resulting in billions of dollars in losses.


The Corporate Spiritual Care Program™ (CSCP) provides understanding and compassion at the workplace, where it is need most, and where it can make a meaningful difference.

Because of our “boots-on-the-ground” approach to interfaith ministry, our program can provide care for those who need a trusted objective friend and confidant. And further assist those who can’t bear their burdens alone anymore.

Benefits of a Spiritual Care Program:

  • Improve attitudes, teamwork, morale
  • Enhances well-being of employees
  • Increases loyalty – people feel “valued”
  • Increases commitment to goals and objectives
  • Reduces employee conflicts
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves workplace safety
  • Undergirds corporate culture
  • Decreases absenteeism

Our mission is to build a caring and trusting relationship with your employees, while creating the confidential environment they seek. Enabling them to ability to discuss their life issues with nonjudgmental understand, comfort and support.

This eliminates any guilt, shame and fear that would continue to suppress their ability to be a more valuable and productive employee.

To learn more about The Corporate Spiritual Care Program™ or to find out about bringing the program to your workplace click here:

“Creating a More Valuable and Productive Employee”