How to Change Mercury Retrograde into a Positive Experience

Yep, Mercury Retrograde is here for the next three weeks. And even though it happens at least three times a year, everybody freaks out about it when it hits. And with it being so close to the Holidays, it might really cause havoc!

Mercury is the planet of communication, travel and mental clarity. So you can see why it affects so many aspects of our lives.

During this time, Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. It slows down and appears to stop and spin backward. But it really isn’t moving backward, it’s just creates the optical illusion that it is.

 However, not only does this retrograde last for three weeks, there are shadow periods before and after which may continue the effects of the retrograde.

So let’s look at these areas and see what can be done to make these next three weeks less frustrating!

First of all, as in many areas of our lives, changing your MINDSET can do wonders to make good out of a not so good situation.

Retrograde begins with the letters R and E, so by using this time to:





 it can change the whole perspective of how you handle the Mercury Retrograde time.

Use this time to go over plans and contracts rather than starting something new. It’s a great time for that end of year review in your life or business.

COMMUNICATION is impacted a lot during the retrograde.

And miscommunication is a big one. Since this may be a frustrating time for some people, tempers may be short and words come out wrong so make sure to think before you speak or write something.

(I have some suggestions below to help with this area.)

And ELECTTRONICS acting up is always a pain but it is intensified during this time. Make sure to back up your computer. And instead of pitching a fit if your electronics go down, use that mindset change. Look at it as a time to put your energies into something else that day or maybe even take the day off!

It’s also not a good time to SIGN CONTRACTS or enter into business deals. If these can’t be avoided, make sure to do your homework and thoroughly read the contract or have a professional do so for you.

Making LARGE PURCHASES should be done with caution. Make sure to save receipts and get gift receipts – especially since this is happening so near holiday gift giving time.

I hate to bring this aspect up, but TRAVEL may be affected during this time. And couple that with communication, electronic issues and the holidays and it could be a nightmare! It brings to mind the movie, Home Alone and Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  I wonder if the idea for these movies came to the screenwriters during a Mercury Retrograde?

If possible, try to avoid traveling during these dates. But if it can’t be avoided, then keep a sense of humor and go with the flow. You might want to even allow extra days in your planning just in case.

Other than changing your mindset, I have a You Tube video with some suggestions on how to use essential oils and crystals to help get you thru the retrograde. I’d love to have you watch the entire video (!) but if you just want to get to this section it starts around 4:01

So these are just some tips that might help you survive the next three weeks of Mercury Retrograde. And as with everything in life – just go with the flow. Things happen for a reason so try not to freak out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on coping with Mercury Retrograde. Or do you even think about it?

In Peace and Good Health,


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Nutritious and Easy Chocolate Bars
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Nutritious and Easy Chocolate Bars
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4 thoughts on “How to Change Mercury Retrograde into a Positive Experience

  1. Nice article
    Love the recipe

    • Patti Stevens

      Thank you!

  2. My hubby is having major internet issues today and mine has been a bit spotty too. It is interesting how these things can be traced to Mercury Retrograde.

    • Patti Stevens

      Yes, but we have to remember to take it in stride and not get all upset.

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