The Benefits of Eating Fake Food

Yumm….let’s put some “Roundup” ready ingredients in our burger. Then add a bulk laxative. And something to help destroy our digestive system. Oh, and then spice it up with an ingredient that might cause headaches, chest pain, nausea, weakness or hormone imbalance. Yep, those are some of the benefits of eating fake food!

Of course, they are listed on the ingredient list as their names: GMO soy protein, methylcellulose, MSG so you don’t know what they actually do to your system – unless you do your homework.

So why would anyone want to eat foods with these ingredients?

Let’s look at some reasons people give up meat:

  • compassion for animals
  • saving the planet
  • their health

And these are all commendable.

But when you consume “fake” foods as a substitute, you might be saving an animal but killing yourself!

When some people give up meat, they still feel the need for the texture of meat. Or think that just eating a plant based diet won’t fill them up or give them the nutrients they need. Well, do the above ingredients give you nutrients?

And if you are compassionate about animals, why would you eat a fake burger that bleeds? It’s beet juice, but still….


Many of these fake foods are labeled:

  • Organic
  • No Soy
  • No GMO
  • Gluten free


All the latest buzz words most people have learned to look for on “healthy” packaged food.

Kind of like the cosmetic companies labeling “no parabens”. That’s just one fairly well known ingredient we should be avoiding. So you figure the rest of the ingredients are ok for you and don’t bother reading the actual ingredient label and finding out what those ingredients can do to your health.

We are so bombarded with chemicals in our food that it’s hard to keep up with what the ingredients actually are.

For instance, SOY is used in a lot of fake food. But it’s controversial – some say that it’s good for you and others say it’s not. So manufacturers have come up with derivates for the word like: soya, TSF (textured soy flour), TVP (textured vegetable protein), (TPP) textured plant protein. 

And MSG (monosodium glutamate) has a bazillion names because manufactures are aware that many consumers have learned how harmful it is. Yet it’s still in so many prepared foods, just under different names. Anything fortified, meat flavoring, soy sauce, cornstarch, broths are some of the products MSG is in but not always labeled as such.

One more ingredient I have to mention is CANOLA OIL– even organic. It’s in so many fake, frozen, ready-to-go food (especially food from Whole Foods) and even dog food. It is disruptive to your digestive system, cuts off oxygen needed for cell growth and may contain heavy metals and/or small amounts of chemicals. But it’s cheap and good marketing has promoted it as healthy. Here’s an article you might want to check out:

I realize we have become a society of wanting convenience and quick. But isn’t your health more important?

And then to top it off, most people will put their fake food in a microwave which destroys what little nutrients there were in the food. Plus it radiates it! But hey, they are saving the planet!

If you really care about your health, a few extra minutes of preparing your own food will be so worth it. There is so much information online and recipes (these are “For the Cook Who Can’t Cook”, there’s really no excuse for eating fake food. There are even meal delivery services with healthy, real food meals.

Still think it’s too hard? I’d be glad to schedule a Complimentary Lifestyle Clarity Session to see how I might be able to help you get started eating healthy.

Plus I’ve included a recipe below for a tuna salad without the tuna! Something easy to get you started, so you aren’t tempted to buy fake food!

And before you prepare your food, check out my previous blog: to help your food taste even more delicious!

In Peace and Good Health,


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No Tuna Tuna Salad
Print Recipe
No Tuna Tuna Salad
Print Recipe
  1. Put Chickpeas in food processor and pulse. Consistency should be choppy like Tuna.
  2. Add Chickpeas and all remaining ingredients thru Black Pepper to medium size serving bowl and mix with a spoon.
  3. Cut off the top of the Tomatoes and scoop out the pulp. (Put the pulp in a bag and freeze to use when making soup or other dishes) Or just eat it!!
  4. Fill the scooped out Tomatoes with the Chickpea mixture and serve around a bed of lettuce and sprouts.
Recipe Notes

Note: You can also use the filling for sandwiches.

* Use Follow Your Heart Soy Free Veganese or any mayo you prefer but this brand has no soy or Canola Oil.

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4 thoughts on “The Benefits of Eating Fake Food

  1. Nice article, as I did expect there was some humour.

    PS: I love Chickpeas, you must check out Indian recipes titled Chole Masala recipes.

    PPS: Do check our blog too. 🙂

  2. Patti Stevens

    As you can tell, I wouldn’t be promoting “Fake Foods”!
    I love Chloe Masala and Indian food. Definitely will check your blog.

  3. Oh my, I’m totally eating a lot of fake food. Not by choice, out of necessity. It’s hard when you’re gluten-free and dairy-free. But I’m also eating a lot of non-processed fresh foods.

  4. Patti Stevens

    Keep up with the fresh foods! You do so much harm to your body with fake foods. I’m vegetarian, gluten, dairy and grain free and have lots of options!

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