Are You Ready for the Dreaded Time Change?

Yep, it’s coming up this weekend. And if you are like most of us, we just dread every time there is a time change. But why? And how can we transition to shorter days with less effect on our health? First of all, to those of you that do not adopt this, consider yourself blessed. But […]

How To Simplify Your Life To Help You Live Longer

What’s one of the biggest killers of people of all ages? It’s stress. And most of the time, it’s been brought on by the complexity we make in our lives. But if we step back and simplify our life, it will help us to live longer. It’s true our world is more complex than ever: […]

How To Make Boneless Bone Broth – Whaat???

As a vegan, I was feeling kind of left out of this whole Bone Broth craze. In case you haven’t heard about it, Bone Broth can help to strengthen the immune system, maintain strong bones, reduce inflammation, relieve joint pain, keep your thyroid healthy, strengthen your kidneys and liver and make you look younger! I […]

Ditch the Treadmill and Have Fun Doing Cardio

When most of us think of doing cardio exercises, the treadmill, elliptical or stair climber come to mind. But come on, face it – that can be boring no matter how many bells and whistles are on the machine to help you pass the time. So why not have some fun while getting that heart […]

Power Up Your Body Daily with Earthing

Want to know one of the best anti-aging secrets? It’s something everyone did at Woodstock. Animals do it all the time. It’s something that cannot be taken away. It’s not a pill. And it’s free! Standing on the earth with our bare feet – Earthing! Really!! You thought your hippie days were over. So Why […]