Gluten and Grain Free Herb Flatbread

Making your own gluten free breads is so easy! Trust me – I am not a baker! Actually I never baked until I went gluten free a couple of years ago. Plus most gluten free products in the stores – bread or anything – have so many other ingredients that are unhealthy, you are doing […]

How to Cool Down a Hot or Heat Flash Immediately

Suddenly you feel that prickly heat spreading through your body, the sweat starts to drip down your face, your hair is damp. But wait! It’s winter! But then this same thing happens when it’s summer! And then it not only affects women going through menopause, but almost everyone. Guess there really isn’t much difference between […]

Romaine Lettuce on the Grill or Salt Block

Want an easy recipe that will have your guests talking?? Sometimes you just need a change from a regular salad and this is perfect! You can use a grill or I use a Himalayan Salt block. Here’s a link to a blog I wrote about cooking on a salt block: Romaine Lettuce on the […]

Don’t Forget Pet Safety On the 4th of July!

Consider this a PSA for pet owners and non-pet owners. Pet safety is always important but when we have celebrations – like the 4th of July –  sometimes people get so caught up in the celebration that they forget about the safety of their pets (or our friends or neighbors pets). Animals are highly vibrational. […]

Quinoa and Nut Butter Healthy Dog Treats

Not only do I like to eat healthy but I make sure my dogs do also. And I’m very picky about the types of treats they get. This is a super easy recipe anyone can make! It’s also gluten and grain free. You can use peanut, cashew or almond butter but make sure there are […]

Anti-Aging Juice Cocktail

Juicing fresh fruits is one of the best ways to help your skin to look radiantly healthy. The anti-oxidants and nutrients in berries are amazing. And when you juice them – either in a juicer or hi-speed blender – all of those nutrients go directly into your system. Frozen berry blends are always a good […]

Are You Afraid to Trust Your Intuition?

Women are known to be inherently more intuitive than men. But why are we so afraid sometimes to trust our intuition? It can be as simple as a feeling that you should go on a trip. And when you do, you meet your soul mate. Or like when I decided to move across the country […]

No Boil Lentil Pasta and Fresh Tomato Bake

Easy, fresh and nutritious in one dish. What more could you ask for in a recipe? It’s vegan, gluten and grain free. The Lentil Pasta is healthier than grain pasta. The tomatoes are full of vitamins. And the dairy free cheese melts and tastes like dairy cheese. A much healthier alternative to the traditional pasta […]

Cukes Aren’t Just for Eating

When you bite into that sweet, cooling cucumber in your salad, you probably aren’t thinking about all its’ nutritional values or other ways to use it. It’s just like lettuce – a staple salad ingredient. But it is one of the most versatile vegetables. And one almost everyone likes! It’s packed full of vitamins and […]