How to Use Crystals for Happy Plants

You’ve probably heard about talking to your plants or playing music to keep them happy, but have you ever thought about using crystals to help keep plants happy? Crystals are a gift from nature. And each type of crystal has their own unique energies – just as plants and people do. Plus they come from […]

Sunshine Blogger Award

I am elated to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by my fellow blogging friend, Patti Karshis of 55 is Fine. This award is given from bloggers to bloggers who inspire creativity and positivity by bringing sunshine to the blogging community. It is a way of encouraging and supporting one another and also to get […]

What Do Herbs Have to do With Bugs?

Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow. Not only do they do well indoors or outdoors but they look beautiful on a kitchen ledge or decorating a garden. But did you know that herbs are also a natural way to repel bugs? Growing up there were always herbs growing in my grandmother’s home. […]